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Body Glove Products


Body Glove Knee Sleeves

Buttressed Knee Brace
Hinged Knee Brace
Cross Strap Knee Support
Contoured Knee Support
Body Glove Contoured Open Knee Support

Body Glove Back Supports

Back Wrap
Belt Wrap
Waist Shaper

Body Glove Thigh Supports
Body Glove Ice Pack Wraps

The Body Glove Supports are made with Airprene.  Airprene is a material developed from advancements in neoprene fabrication using a patented process.  Air is able to circulate through a multiple series of small perforations extending through the closed cell foam.  Skin can "breathe" while moisture is released through the perforations, resulting in a reduction of moisture accumulation on the skin.  The discomfort of excessive heat due to prolonged use is eliminated.  Muscles, tendons and ligaments stay loose, flexible and warm.

Body Glove Neoprene Supports


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